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:bulletblue::bulletpink: *~*ANTI SASUSAKU UPDATE*~* :bulletpink::bulletblue:

Hey Guys!

It has been a while and for those of you who did not know, much of my prolonged absence was due to illness and a subsequent surgery. Thanks to the help of many wonderful administrators, this group never went too far off the rails and continued to accept submissions from great members.

However, I think it is about time for a contest. I am without any ideas, since contest themes for "anti" groups are really hard to come up with. So dear members, do you have any ideas? The member whose idea I choose will receive ten points! :points:

:heart: Luffy-Kun
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:bulletblue: We accept affiliation requests from all fandoms, except those that support SasuSaku! :bulletpink:

Your trusting Co-Founder, Sasuke4Tenten :rose:


Anti SasuSaku FC

This club is dedicated to the hatred and despising of Sasuke/Sakura! We have organized to share our dislike of the SasuSaku coupling and show our affections for alternative couplings involving either Sasuke or Sakura.

:salute: *~*BROTHERS IN ARMS*~*

:bulletred: *~*RULES*~* :bulletred:
:bulletpink: You must hate/dislike SasuSaku
:bulletpink: Yaoi/Yuri is allowed (featuring Sasuke or Sakura)
:bulletpink: DO NOT FLAME SasuSaku supporters. I cannot stress this enough. If you go to a Pro-SasuSaku club and flame, you will be banned from the club and reported for spamming. I do not appreciate you slandering our cause. This is a club for like-minded people to gather. Please try to remain civil!

:star: How to Make the Icon :star:
Put : icon antisasusakufc : WITHOUT the spaces! It will look like this

:bulletred: FAN ART RULES :bulletred:
:bulletblue: All artwork must be Anti SasuSaku or a coupling involving one of the two
:bulletblue: Yaoi/Yuri is allowed (featuring Sasuke or Sakura)
:bulletblue: Mature Work is accepted

:star: Please note which category you’re placing your artwork in. Also make sure that you credit Masashi Kishimoto for his characters. If your work is in another language, please make an English version.

:bulletred: *~*FAN FICTION*~* :bulletred:
:bulletpink: All fiction must be Anti SasuSaku or a coupling involving one of the two
:bulletpink: Yaoi/Yuri is allowed (featuring Sasuke or Sakura)
:bulletpink: Mature artwork is allowed

:trophy: *~*PAST WINNERS*~* :trophy:
:bulletblue: Everyone Is Gay Contest Created By kagomedemon
:bulletblue: Moving On Contest Created By Labbess
:bulletblue: Super Crack OTP Contest Created by Sasuke4Tenten


anti-ss 01 by DoctorMLoli Anti-SasuSaku stamp by Jeshika-Haruno
Anti SasuSaku Stamp 4 by AntiSasuSaku Anti SS Stamp xD by SakuNyu Anti SasuSaku Stamp 3 by AntiSasuSaku


Deviants who keep this group up & running~!

:iconsasusasuplz: :iconsakusakuplz:






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Bueno yo personalmente no soy fan sasusaku es mas estoy en contra de q esta pareja exista, es imposible q ellos esten juntos xq Sasuke ya ha dejado MAS q claro q no quiere NADA cn Sakura y se q ella sufrira x eso pero lo superara nwn de eso no hay duda!
Si, yo despresio a SasuSaku.:D
<font><font>Honnêtement j'aime sakura mais je pense que ça ne va pas ensemble avec Sasuke. </font><font>Ils sont totalement opposés et aussi parce que j'aime sasuhina ^ ^ '</font></font>
keealy Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i saw this video saskue kills sakurai…
<font><font>J'ai aussi vu cette vidéo, grande musique, i love it ^^</font></font>
keealy Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't hate Sakura. I despise Sasuke though, and that's why I'm against SasuSaku.
neko-chan123456 Jun 23, 2013
honestly all these supposed canon pairings is stupid the obvious pairings that are going to happen would have to be naruhina,leesaku and im not saying your pairing choice is stupid because you obviously have your reasons for shipping it im just saying that if you pay close attention youll understand why i said these pairings are more likey to happen but if you still dont understand come text me and we can have a normal discussion about the topic ok<3
Agreed.^^ I'm really not sure on NaruHina.
neko-chan123456 Jun 25, 2013
well im not really crazy for naruhina anymore cause im more of a sasuhina and narusaku and kibaino fan now but if you ask yourself why kishimoto made hinata give such unconditional love to naruto you could argue that hinata was just another person to show that naruto can change people but he could have ended her love for him at the chunin exams or after naruto fought pain but he choose to continue with it.And people never give lee a chance which pisses me off everyone either thinks saukuras choices have to be either naurto or flash she loved the old sasuke but he is gone and as for naruto i have yet to see proof that she loves him like a boyfreind material and not brother/friend material lee is a great option considering he is strong funny and he will treat sakura with care and as far as karin goes she and hinata are the only two girls i could see sasuke with cause karin also lost her family as well and hinata has lost her mother uncle and neji.thnks for reading
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